Baseball, I mean, it’s methodical, deliberate, so you could easily come up with a hundred thousand different bets on baseball and know the results publicly watching what happened, and be fairly confident that if you expected Aaron Judge to hit a home run in the first inning, and you wanted to wager on it, you’ll know the result. Now, if you had Aaron Judge would take a ball for the first pitch, Rick may be onto something. So, FanDuel knows, they came to us with a proposition bet on their first couple weeks taking bets, and they’re looking and went, you gotta be kidding me, because it was Le’Veon Bell, we wanna take a bet on Le’Veon Bell, when he’s gonna come back and play football in his sitting out, and I said, no, we’re not doing that, I mean, we’re just getting off the floor, and all I need is Le’Veon Bell to go tweet on his line, I’m coming back tomorrow, I’m gonna play in game three, you know, it’s not worth it, so, input from the industry, working with the operator, working with us to reduce the risks, definitely necessary, and we’ll get to Canadian online casinos, and we don’t need the federal government to help us get there, because we’re on the line, they’re on the line, the leagues are and the operators are, and everybody, I mean, it’s a commercial operation, nobody wants it to fail.

We all have a financial stake, leagues have a major stake beyond finances, it is their livelihood. They lose integrity, fans feel a little conscious about maybe not watching the event anymore. So, technology again in this area is driving this nation into areas we have never experienced. And so, the goal of the operators, they wanna have gambling 24/7. They don’t wanna have it just when the basketball game’s on tonight, they want to take bets from Europe, Asia, think of horseracing. The federal government authorized on the interstate horseracing act, casting, online wagering, fifteen years ago. Why? To save the horseracing industry, and you can bet on a horse race now in Japan, in China, well, I don’t know if they had it, but Malaysia does, and Europe, United States. So you can almost gamble online 24/7 on horseracing. Now, it’s a dying industry for other reasons, because you don’t, you know, your generation isn’t really too interested in horseracing, some of you, maybe, but most of you have probably never been to a horse race in your life.

So I think one of the points David just made is that we’re in a very disruptive period for sports, especially for professional sports, technology, wagering, new regulatory environment, and when any business faces that kind of disruption, they have to make adjustments, and you do it on all fronts, you lobby for a piece of the pie through regulation or you change your business model, and I actually have a question for the leagues, what’s the new business model going to look like going forward now that there’s sports wagering? You lose the legislative battles and you’re not gonna get your vig from an integrity fee, how are you gonna change the business, are there gonna be sports books onsite in your venues, are you going to partner with organizations like FanDuel, I know there’s already some partnering going on, how deep is that gonna get?