There’s every type of gambling, including sports gambling, you know, in your local 7/11. And they’ve found that the failure to regulate advertising and exposure to youth has created a culture that has so normalized gambling that it’s actually hurt youth sports there tremendously and they’re trying to roll it back a little bit, and I would just hope that we as a nation can get ahead of that for precisely the reasons you’re suggesting. – Well, we gave in to tobacco, it’s very interesting that the major tobacco settlement stopped Joe Camel as an advertising tool, and stopped advertising about smoking to young people. Now, what about gambling, because it’s not restricted to youth. The vulnerable are ageless, even old people have a problem.

You touch upon something that’s very important in the entire gambling industry. All three of those issues you’ve mentioned are critical to every state that has legalized gambling today, not just casino gambling. The audience should understand 48 states right now have legalized gambling of some sort right now in the United States, only two states do not. One surprises everybody, Hawaii, second, probably is no surprise, is the state of Utah. I’ve publicly stated that the state of Utah is no longer out of the box, and they authorized FanDuel, Draft Kings, fantasy sports to be played by their citizens. Some would argue fantasy sports is not gambling, but I guess Utah feels it’s not, and can be protected through consumer protection laws, but to answer your question, this matter of underage gambling, truth in advertising laws, consumer protection laws, the responsible gaming community, which is trying to help those who are addicted, it’s a mental health issue, it’s clearly identified as such, are real big issues in this country, and with the explosion of sports wagering, it’s gonna be bigger, and what protocols, safeguards, are gonna be built in and what treatment and assistance is gonna be given to those who will struggle? And we’re not ready, and as a state, we’re trying to do the best we can, but this is a widespread program that goes beyond state lines.

I’m less concerned with the underage when it comes to mobile, I can assure you that the safeguards built in on trying to get a new account, it’s not like you’re signing up to open an account at Amazon. You have no privacy when you open up a gambling account in the state of New Jersey. We know exactly who you are, we know exactly where you live, we know your social security number, we do a credit check on you, we know so much about you I wouldn’t go online and gamble if you want some privacy. We know where you’re gambling from, we have geolocation devices that if you want to right now try to get in to the state of New Jersey, we can pinpoint that you’re in this building trying to get into the state of New Jersey on a gambling app