– Fu– (grunting) – Easy, easy money, baby! What the [bleep] was that? – Double tap. Oh my God! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Geometry Dash. It looks like Mario Brothers but with little robots instead of plumbers.

– Never heard of it. Never played it. – I believe it’s kind of like Flappy Birds in a sense when you have to jump over the things and you die if you miss it.

– (FBE) This is the newest version of Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Subzero, which is self described as a rhythm based action platformer. – That’s a lot of adjectives and I’m excited about all of them. – How many tries do I get? Because I’m sure I’m gonna die at least– it’s just gonna be a dying simulator. – (FBE) We’re gonna give you 30 minutes and as many attempts as you like to get as far into the game as you can. – Does it count how many times you die?

– (FBE) Yep. – Man, this is gonna be fun. – All right, let’s do it. – Let’s make it happen.

Thanks for watching, guys. I’m gonna leave. – Let’s [bleep] go. Okay. – Ah.

Two. Already died. You’re kidding me. – I can do this, get through one level.

– ♪ (guitar strumming) ♪ – Okay, I was feeling the music. The nice, low guitar beat. – Done. – ♪ (guitar strumming) ♪ – Aw, but the guitar was just starting to get ominous and cool. – Ah, there’s so many triangles. Oh no.

I feel like this goes very fast. I lasted eleven seconds. I am a rock star.

Oh, go again. All right, we wanna get further now. Oh my God.

Yes! No. It’s like life.

You think you pass by an obstacle and there’s another obstacle and then you die. Whoo, jump. Yes.

Oh my God. I got so fueled and empowered just then. ♪ Doo, doo, doo ♪ Oh, okay.

That was unexpected. Ooh, ooh! I feel so good about that. I’m gonna stop there. I got to 11% on my 55th attempt.

It was a journey. – Oh, the little green things are screwing me up. Am I supposed to jump right there? Okay. This is okay. It starts speeding up.

Oh, I didn’t see that. I can’t just hold to keep jumping. I have to stop jumping when that comes down, but it came down so fast. Jump, jump, jump.

Okay, argh. Jump, don’t jump, jump. Jump, jump, jump. No! – (electronic voice) Press start.

– What? I don’t know what just happened, but I made it to 18%. Okay, jump, jump, don’t jump. Gonna just put this down right here for one second.

Jump, jump, jump. I don’t wanna quit, but I think I have to. It’s just not working. – One, two, three, four. Ah!

Four percent. We’re getting there. Ah, ah, ah.

Oh, this is– where did that come from? Good, good, good. Ah, I’m doing it! I’m doing it.

I’m on a roll. – (electronic voice) Press start. – What was this? That came out of nowhere. Once you get here, it’s so scary. Okay.

Oh. ♪ Danananana ♪ Oh, look at me get the hang of this. – (electronic voice) Press start. – I need to not. Going into this, I was like, we could do 70%.

70%’s passing. I’m stuck at a 20. That’s a solid F. – ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – Ah! Oh, I got too excited.

– (electronic voice) Press start. ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – Was that– 23%! We did it.

– (FBE) So, 30 minutes is up, so this is gonna be your last attempt. – Okay. 23 is my limit. That was my peak.

I probably should have stopped there. All righty, there. Ah!

Ah, ah. Sorry. – Oh. I like that song. My motivation is to hear the rest of this song. Better.

– (electronic voice) Press start. – What, what? No, [bleep] off.

– (electronic voice) Press start. – (groaning) Press start! Dah! – ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – What are those? What’s that?

Frustration levels are rising, but they’re still maintaining a reasonable level. – (electronic voice) Press start. ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – There’s– why does gravity change? Press start! (groaning) – ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – (groaning) There! Your [bleep] 25%.

I feel like I just finished a marathon. I’ll do it one more time. – ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – I’m done.

27%, I think that’s the highest any human has ever gone. – Here comes the triple jump early. One, two, three.

Okay, got that. Okay, jump up, slide, jump. Ugh! Single tap, single tap. Nice. Oh, oh, we’re going off.

Oh, okay, all right. Oh, I’m cruising now. Double jump right here. Bam, yep, got it.

– (electronic voice) Press start. – Wha, what? I think the change of music is what [bleep] throws me off.

It’s like, “Press start.” and then it [bleep] goes ham. Right here.

Ah, let’s get intense! I pressed it. I [bleep] pressed it. You know what, I’m gonna take off the music. Maybe it’s throwing me off.

You know, getting me– let’s see. I [bleep] have it memorized. Slide, double tap. Bam, slide under it. Dude, double tap.

Oh my God! Okay, here we go. Gotta slide under. Boom, press, slide. Oh, oh, oh.

What was that? Explain to me this one, okay. Arrows point down, clearly gravity, right? You jump up, you’re up, so then when you click it, it goes you down.

All right. One, two. Boom, boom, boom.

Oh! One, two, boom. Tap down, tap down. Oh. What, what?

Boom, boom, boom. Oh my God, my guy. My guy. I’m over it, I’m over it. I don’t wanna play anymore.

– This is not even a challenge. I’m dashing through the geometry. I see their triangle and they’re just– nope, never mind.

Come on, Eric. Sweep the leg, sweep the leg. – (electronic voice) Press start. – Easy, easy money, baby! What the [bleep] was that?

Ah! Every time something new happens, I get scared. There’s gravity? This is not physics dash. Easy, easy, easy. Tap, tap, hit the gravity.

Hit the gravity. Tap, tap, through the hoop. Upside down.

Too upside down. Way too upside down. Tap it. Back into the gravity already.

Come on, we got this. We’ve got this. We don’t got this!

– ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – Easy, easy money. Dude, easiest game in the world. 50%, come on, here we go. What the hell? What? There’s a rocket?

I got to 40%. I broke straight through three. I hit four. I’m never coming back.

Oh my God. – Thanks for watching us play Geometry Dash on the React Channel. – Subscribe! New gaming episodes every week.

– Goodbye, everyone. – Hey everybody, Derek here from the React Channel. I’m wearing a hat today because I’ve been yanking all my hair out playing this stupid-ass game that you all requested. You see, we do what you want. Just make it nicer, okay?